Mr. Morgan Kuo / 郭權輝



Mr. Morgan Kuo / 郭權輝

Executive Advisor  / 執行顧問

WiSolPro Consulting Ltd. / 暐世博管理顧問有限公司  


  • Master, Chemical Engineering of NTU


  • Global Strategy Marketing Mgr., Heraeus PV BU

  • Sr. Technical Sales Mgr., GCL POLY

  • Asia Process Mgr., Meyer Burger(Roth& Rau)

  • Asia Process Mgr., Despatch


Topic:Future Trend of Solar Power Plus Energy Storage / 全球太陽能和儲能的未來發展趨勢

After The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference(COP21) in Paris, over 170 countries have established renewable energy targets and nearly 150 have enacted policies to  increase the investments in renewable energy technologies to achieve the goal by limiting the rise in global mean temperature to≦2°C. At the end of 2017, the world had 2,179 GW of renewable generation capacity, of which 53% hydro, 23% wind, 18% solar and 6% other renewables. Solar power rose to 98GW deployment and represented 38% of all the net new generating capacity added (renewable, fossil fuel and nuclear) in 2017. Up to 90GW of new added PV installation is expected in 2018. The next phase of global energy transition from fossil fuel to renewable, energy storage will play a crucial role to support the boosting solar & wind power generation with stable frequency control in future.


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