Hydrogen Evolution is Here: Growing Application in Hydrogen and Fuel cells


Mr. Alan Kneisz

Director of Business Development  

Hydrogenics Corp. 



Alan Kneisz is Business Development Director at Hydrogenics Corporation, a global provider of advanced hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis solutions.  

In his role, Alan has been at the forefront of Hydrogen technology deployments by developing  Megawatt fuel cell power systems, Renewable Energy applications, Energy Storage, Hydrogen fuelling, Back-up power and Hydrogen Transport solutions. This includes the largest Fuel Cell bus fleets in China as well as assisting to better understand the planning for the Hydrogen Economy with Government, OEM’s, NGO’s and other Private institutions globally.  

Alan has extensive experience implementing green technologies into practical applications throughout Asia Pacific and Australia with Private and Government institutions and has become a thought leader in promoting the Hydrogen Economy across the region, speaking at over 10 conferences per year explain the advantages of the Hydrogen economy.




The presentation will focus on how Hydrogen is becoming a main stream technology with major support from large corporations and government. It will also review the growing applications for Fuel cell and hydrogen based systems due to market dynamics that are changing the economics landscape



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