Application of Bifacial Module in System Power Station Ι 雙面模組到系統電站應用


Ms. Jie-Hua Tian  / 田介花

VP of Group and Dean of Research Institite  





  • Former Dean of GCL design institute;
  • Former Vice President of CEEG Power Solar Research Institute
  • Project review experts of National Science and Technology Development Program high-tech field advanced energy; 
  • Committee Member of the Research Methods Branch of the Chinese Invention Association;
  • Expert in the evaluation of foreign aid materials projects of the  Ministry of Commerce;
  • Executive director of Jiangsu Province Renewable Energy Industry Association;
  • Deputy Director of the Renewable Energy Committee of the Jiangsu Electrical Engineering Society.





With the continuous innovation of photovoltaic technology, the cost of photovoltaic products drops rapidly and efficiency improves continuously. At the same time, making full use of irradiation resources in limited system space becomes the most important technological means besides efficiency improvement, and "double-sided power generation" is one of the most effective schemes. Therefore, the development and rational use of bifacial batteries and modules with high positive conversion efficiency, high bifacial rate and controllable cost is an urgent problem to be solved in the current industry.


Linyang New Energy Research Institute was established in 2016, with the design qualification certificate of Grade B in the power industry. Main business includes photovoltaic power plant design, wind power plant design, power plant operation and maintenance technical consultation, integrated energy solutions and so on. The design capacity of the power station is 2GW/year, and more than 100 patents for inventions and practical new models have been produced. The team members have rich experience in power plant engineering design, system development and technical consultation.


Linyang Research Institute has done a lot of research and data analysis on the performance of Linyang N-type baficial batteries and modules, the enhancement of bifacial module experimental PV power station, and the practical application of bifacial modules. This report makes a thorough analysis and elaboration from the performance characteristics of bifacial products, the construction and comparison of bifacial power plants to engineering design and construction of bifacial module power station .




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