Global PV Market Outlook and Forecast | 全球太陽能市場展望


Ms. Corrine Lin / 林嫣容

Chief Analyst 

PV InfoLink




  • Chief Analyst, PV InfoLink
  • Analyze the overall state of PV supply chain
  • Conduct research on technology/ capacity distribution
  • Track prices across markets and products
  • Monthly column writer, PV Magazine
  • 6+ years of experiences in the PV industry


Corrine conduct in-depth research on the overall PV supply chain and technology/capacity distribution, as well as price tracking in all markets and products. She has also published a number of influential articles. 




  • 2020 may see kittke difference in Chinese module demand than 2019, with grid-parity and bidding projects the primary source of demand. Overall installation capacity will be in accordance to power utilities' grid of integrating renewable energy volumes. Therefore, the current estimate for 2020 Chinese demand will higher than 38GW. Non-China markets will remain crucial to China next year. American, Indian, and German markets continue to expand, The number of 1GW-plus-scale markets has risen to 21, with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait having grown into GW-scale markets. 


  • PV InfoLink's speech will focus on the supply / demand status in solar market in 2020. 



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