Taiwan Renewable Energy Certificate Market Development Vision / 台灣再生能源憑證市場發展願景


Mr. Chih-Wen Huang / 黃志文

Director∣National Renewable Energy ∣Certification Center / Director of 6th Division∣ BSMI∣ MOEA




  • 2017-Present  Director of 6th Division, BSMI, MOEA
  • 2015-2016     Deputy Director of 5th Division, BSMI, MOEA
  • 2014-2015     Senior Technical Specialist, 5th Division, BSMI, MOEA



  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technolog
  • Speaker of Renewable Energy Markets 2019
  • Speaker of 2019 Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Market Summit
  • Speaker of Asia-Pacific Wind Energy Expo 2019




Taiwan has a great geographical advantage, and it is an inevitable trend for Taiwan to develop renewable energy. With the great development potential, Taiwan National Renewable Energy Certification Center (T-REC Center) takes it efforts on renewable energy certification promotion. In order to enhance REC value, the Taiwan Government (including BSMI T-REC Center) is amending relevant Acts and Regulations. This presentation will focus on three parts, including The T-REC Mechanism, The Value of Renewable Energy Certificates in Taiwan and Promoting Strategies of Renewable Energy Certificates in Taiwan. 


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