Dr. James Ma



Dr. James Ma

Senior Specialist



  • MBA in Marketing, Caslon School of Business, University of Minnesota

  • Post Doc Research Associate, Purdue University

  • Ph. D Chemistry, The University of Memphis

  • MS and BS in Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University

  • Owned 26 patents


  • Senior specialist, 3M Renewable Solutions Lab, pioneered in light management for solar

  • Specialist, 3M Optical System Division


Topic:Durable Light Management Solutions for Solar Module Efficiency Improvement

Current solar modules have up to 15% “white” area, where solar light is not efficiently absorbed by absorbed by solar cells. The “wasted” solar light can be redirected onto solar cells by means of light redirecting film inside PV modules. In this talk, we will describe the theory and testing results of using Light Redirecting Film (LRF) over tabbing ribbons. As much as 1.5-2.5% relative power increase can be obtained in this application. Careful set up in field energy testing has shown similar gain using LRF modules vs baseline modules. This technology is compatible with existing module manufacture processes and is proven in mass production. Significant development efforts were devoted to validating the durability of the films by optimizing material and processes. We will show durability testing results from the lab, and more importantly from outdoor weathering over 5 years in Florida, Arizona, and Minnesota USA.


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