Dr. Men-Shen Tsai / 蔡孟伸




Dr. Men-Shen Tsai / 蔡孟伸

Professor / 教授

National Taipei University of Technology / 國立台北科技大學



  • Professor, National Taipei University of Technology


Topic:Development and Applications of Load Management, Demand Management and Virtual Power Plants 


With the deteriorating issues of extreme weather, air pollution, and the greenhouse effect, more and more renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) are connected to the power grid. However, the increasing of connected DERs impacts new problems on power systems. This talk introduces the development and applications of virtual power plant (VPP) in Taiwan. The description the basics architecture of smart grids and VPP will be introduced first. Based on this architecture, the integrated technologies of DER will be discussed. In addition, in order to connect the consumers located at the last mile to the grid, the smart home/building energy management system (H/BEMS) are needed. The H/BEMS can not only provide historical and real-time information via a graphical human-machine interface, but also automatically control the related electric loads according to user's preferences. Hence, the progress of the intelligent demand-side management system and the automatic demand response (ADR) technology will be further introduced in this speech. Finally, the demonstration system in the Taipei City Xinglong Public Housing and Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan will be presented as examples.


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