Dr. Paul Ai / 艾祖華



Dr. Paul Ai / 艾祖華

Director for Energy Solution / 處長

Delta Electronics, Inc. / 台達電子




  • CTO, Delta Greentech (China) Co., Ltd.

  • Senior Technical Manager, Delta Electronics

  • Assistant Professor, EE dept., I-Shou University

  • Professional Electrical Engineer

  • Owned more than 30 patents



Topic:Energy management and application of EVs / 電動車的能源管理與應用

With the rapid penetration of EV vehicles, the consumption level of EV are growing stronger and stronger. EVs consume energy more and more along with the rapid growth of the EV penetration rate. EV will become the biggest energy consumption attribute device in our daily live. This will disrupt the utility grid system and therefore the effective management of EV charging becomes an indispensable task for both utility operator and users as a whole. In essence, V to X is a growing trend for energy utilization. As we move towards V to X, the present technical issues should pose lesser of a problem than establishment of relevant regulation. Such regulation need to be put in place accordingly.


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