Ms. Athena Lin / 林淳蓉




Ms. Athena Lin / 林淳蓉

Project Manager / 專案經理

Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies, LTD. / 亞太燃料電池科技股份有限公司



Athena Lin is currently a project manager in marketing department of Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies (APFCT), and dedicated to the promotion of low pressure hydrogen storage and fuel cell light vehicle. She was actively involved in public outreach to accelerate the realization of hydrogen society. In December 2015, Ms. Lin gave a speech about low pressure hydrogen solution in IPHE (International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy) in France.


Topic: Taiwan Hydrogen Niche Market / 台灣氫能利基市場

Since the second Industrial Revolution, fossil fuel causes dramatic global climate change and environmental disaster. Taiwan government launched policy to phase out two-stroke scooter by 2020 and to ban sales of fossil fuel-powered scooter by 2035, which will be replaced by electric one. With tremendous amount of tail gas as source of hydrogen, Taiwan identify its own niche market: fuel cell light vehicle and low pressure hydrogen storage. It is a great way to gradually shape hydrogen economy and develop hydrogen fuel cell industry cluster in Taiwan.


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