Mr. Woody Hsieh / 謝豐名


 Mr. Woody Hsieh / 謝豐名

 VP-Project Management / 專案經理

 Cathay United Bank / 國泰世華商業銀行



  • MBA, 1992, Tamkang University

  • Bachelor, 1990, National Chiao Tung University


  • VP, Team Head of Transportation Finance

  • VP, Team Head of Agency Desk, Syndication

  • Assistant VP, PM of Syndication Department

  • Manager, RM of Labuan Branch


 Topic: The Changing Landscape of Project Finance in Taiwan (Solar PV) / 變動中的專案融資版塊---台灣太陽能電廠市場

As the government Renewable Energy targets to build up a sizable capacity of up to 20 GW across Taiwan by 2025 and there is still significant room to grow in this sector. Based on the intensive discussion with different developers, domestically or internationally, we found the demand for Project Finance (the “PF” thereafter) is increasing because the size of solar PV projects are getting bigger and bigger and the new technology to be used in the ground-mounted and/or floating in locations with special soil condition, landscape or body of waters is new and challenging to financiers. Furthermore, to reach the target of 20GW, the ground-mounted type presumably will dominate the development of the solar PV power down the road and the landscape of Project Finance for solar PV in Taiwan is changing.

Fortunately, Cathay United Bank's Project Finance & Advisory (“PF&A”) Department was established in 2015 as the first Project Finance specialized team in Taiwan. The PF&A Department brings together international project finance experts combined with extensive local knowledge to service our customers throughout CUB's network in Asia.

With all the necessary DD reports and PF knowledge, lenders can have a full picture of the project and risks associated it. Lenders can determine whether the project is viable and bankable. Therefore, in the cases of new technology used for or of large scale of solar PV projects, the Due Diligence is crucially important to the financiers as well as the owners. Also, use of Project Finance will identify risks, well allocate risks to those who are best to manage the risks and lenders are be able to decide the best debt size through sensitivity analysis or stress test of the financial model and equip the projects with the proper risk mitigations. Hence, with the proper DD reports, lenders will be able to mitigate the risks appropriately and make the performance of projects as much projected as possible and hence a win-win situation.


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