Ms. Karen Wang / 王心榆


 Ms. Karen Wang / 王心榆

 Associate Director / 專案協理

 Aon Risk Solutions – Aon Taiwan Ltd / 怡安保險經紀人股份有限公司


  • Aon has created the leading offshore wind teamin the insurance market. This team currently provides risk and insurance advisory and placement services to over 70% of all offshore wind farms in Europe as well as Asia and Taiwan.

  • Karen joined Aon Taiwan on August 2005, she is responsible for client servicing of construction, power, and infrastructure sector. Karen has extensive Power experience and has experience of placing offshore wind risks into the local Taiwanese insurance market.


Topic:Insurance Arrangement for Offshore Wind Project / 離岸風力專案保險安排

The quality of Aon service is reliant on the value of our people and we believe that the Aon team is one of the strongest in the industry and is well positioned to deliver the tailored services required by offshore wind farm risks. The Aon offshore wind team is focusing on activities in the offshore wind insurance market on a daily basis.             

The fact that there is such a wealth of resource and sector focus enables Aon to:
- Provide our clients with more accurate, detailed and valuable advice
- Exert more leverage with insurers due to our greater understanding of the risks associated with offshore wind farm projects
- Be more innovative and creative in providing consulting services and insurance solutions as we understand client needs, project exposures and potential losses

- 跟保險公司討論時能發揮更大的槓桿作用,為我們的客戶提供更準確,詳盡和合適的建議
- 因了解客戶需求,風險類別和潛在損失的情況下,提供具有創新性的諮詢服務和保險解決方案


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