Mr. Jin-Sheng Su / 蘇金勝



Mr. Jin-Sheng Su / 蘇金勝

Secretary General  / 主任秘書

Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs / 經濟部能源局


  • Master, International Studies, University of Wyoming, USA.

  • Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


  • Director, Energy Technology Division, Bureau of Energy, MOEA, December 2009 to February 2017

  • Director, Electricity Division, Bureau of Energy, MOEA, July 2004 to December 2009.


Topic:PV Policy Implementation in Taiwan / 臺灣太陽光電推動政策

To reach the 20,000 MW target by 2025, the Bureau of Energy (BOE) has formulated policies to increase the Installed capacity of solar PV. This presentation starts from the introduction of energy transition and renewable energy policy, as well as the Feed-In Tariff scheme for promoting solar PV deployment in Taiwan. Interms of solar PV promotion policy, there strategic pillars including the “Green Energy Roofs Project”, the“Industrial Parks Solar Expansion Project”, and the “Ground-Mounted Promotion Project”, will be further elaborated. On top of that, major instruments aiming to reach the target will be introduced, including grid capacity strengthening, PV-ESCO business model, and green energy financing. Lastly, several solar PV projects​ will be displayed.



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