Mr. Andy Chin / 秦崇德

 Mr. Andy Chin / 秦崇德

 Manager, R&D Development



Andy Chin has been in the SOLAR industry for 10 years. Presently Andy Chin is the R&D Manager at TONGWEI SOLAR (CHENGDU) CO., LTD. During his work, he was the technical director of state high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Engineering Center and Guangdong Key Laboratory, and published more than 120 patents (11 of which were authorized for invention patents).


Topic:Industrialization in PERC BIFACIAL Solar Cell + era /  雙面背鈍化太陽能電池 + 時代的產業化

Single-sided PERC cell technology has been proved to have high photoelectric conversion efficiency in laboratory and industrialization, compatible with existing solar cell production lines, and gradually become the mainstream process of monocrystalline silicon solar cells. The single-sided PERC solar cell can be made into PERC BIFACIAL solar cell by changing the full aluminum back field on the back of the PERC solar cell into printed aluminum grid structure. In this presentation, the fabrication process of high efficiency PERC BIFACIAL solar cells is discussed, including back polishing reflectivity, film thickness and refractive index of back silicon nitride passivation film, and the effect of back conductive aluminum paste on the conversion efficiency of the cells. By optimizing the process, the PERC BIFACIAL solar cells can be manufactured. The front conversion efficiency reaches 21.67%, and the back conversion efficiency reaches 16.06%, Bifacialilty is 74.11%.

單面PERC電池工藝已經在實驗室和產業化都證明了具有高的光電轉換效率, 兼容現有電池生產線,逐漸變成單晶矽太陽電池的主流工藝。通過將PERC電池背面的全鋁背場 改成印刷鋁柵線結構,可以將單面PERC電池製作成為雙面PERC電池。該文討論了高效 雙面PERC電池製作工藝,包括背面拋光反射率,背面氮化矽鈍化膜的膜厚和折射率,背面導電鋁漿對電池轉換效率的影響,通過優化上述工藝,製作了可量產雙面PERC太陽電池,正面轉換效率達到21.67 %,背面轉換效率為16.06 %,雙面率為74.11%。

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