Mr. Albert Dai / 戴佑政


 Mr. Albert Dai / 戴佑政

 Executive Secretary / 執行祕書

 Kaohsiung Marine Technology Industrial Innovation Zone Promotion Office / 





  • Co-principal Investigator, Kaohsiung Marine Technology Industrial Innovation Zone Promotion Project 

  • Senior Project Manager, MIRDC



 Topic: Human Resource Development Policy of Offshore Wind Power Industry in Taiwan- An Experience Sharing of Training center in Kaohsiung Marine Technology Industrial Innovation Zone / 台灣離岸風電產業人力發展政策-高雄海洋科技產業創新專區人培中心經驗分享

 “Kaohsiung Marine Technology Industrial Innovation Zone”is a part of green energy infrastructure in‘Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program (2017 - 2020)’, which is a government initiated program, and is located in area of Shin-Da Harbor in Kaohsiung City. MIRDC is entrusted by Bureau of Energy (BOE) and has initiated manpower demand review and the planning of training center in this special zone since 2016. The training center aims not only to solve the manpower shortage of offshore wind power marine engineering in the short term but also to foster talents of ocean technology industry, a emerging industry relevant to ocean energy in Taiwan. In this presentation, the author will introduce the major content of Kaohsiung Marine Technology Industrial Innovation Zone firstly, and then the goal and strategy of human resource development of marine engineering for offshore wind power based on the policies of Taiwan government. As investment coming fully from the public sector, the training centre in Kaohsiung has more obligation and responsibilities to foster industries than other training centres owned by private sector do, which make it quite different. The business model will tend to be in a public- private partnerships model but still in planning stage. The author hopes to invite more suggestions for future prospect by sharing his experience of planning, and to inspire approaches of human resource development for any parties who may concerned in wind power industry.


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