Mr. K.H. Chen / 陳坤宏


Mr. K.H. Chen / 陳坤宏

Co-Founder & Executive Director     

Sinogreenergy Group



  • National Tsing Hua University Institute of Electronics Master (CIGS Solar Cell Processes)



  • General Manager, Sinogreenergy Group

  • Executive Manager, New Taipei City Green Industry Alliance

  • Director Manager, AUO Solar Power Plant Project Office

  • Associate, E-TON Solar Energy



Topic:O&M Optimization by AI Practice

To deploy PV power plants as the reliable renewable energy source in massive scale, how to implement O&M efficiently is as a crucial role-play. Especially for distributed solar energy, more than hundred PV project  sites are need to be managed simultaneously. In this work, we demonstrate utilizing AI technology to optimize O&M task. Each inverter MPPT performance for all projects is monitored and analyzed by machine learning. Faulty alerts with failure mode are automatically detected, judged by knowledge bases and sent to users by mobile device or email. With this high accuracy of both faulty alert and failure mode judgement, the efficient and prospective O&M would be achieved.



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