Mr. Masaharu Itoh / 伊藤正治



Mr. Masaharu Itoh / 伊藤正治


New Energy and Industrial Technology development Organization (NEDO) 


  • July 2014:NEDO New energy department Director

  • Oct. 2009:NEDO New energy department Offshore wind and Ocean energy group Director

  • Apr. 2006:NEDO New energy department


Topic:Promoting offshore wind power generation in Japan from NEDO’s projects

NEDO started to development bottom-fixed offshore wind power generation in Choshi and Kita-Kyushu in Japan. It’s the first demonstration project. At present, about 5GW of offshore wind power generation is planned in Japan. From now on, we think that generation in Japan. One is the lower cost of the foundation structure and the construction technology in thebottom-fixed offshore wind power generator. And the other is development of floating offshore wind power generation that can install from water depth of about 50m. NEDO is working on the technology development to solve two problems.


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