Geoffrey Dai / 戴大欣


Geoffrey Dai / 戴大欣

Senior Manager / 資深經理

Delta Electronics Inc / 台達電子工業股份有限公司


  • EMBA, National Taiwan University


  • Product Manager, Royal Philips

  • Product Manager, ViewSonic

  • System Engineer, Apple Inc.


Topic: How to use Energy Storage System to support the Energy Policy change in Taiwan / 儲能系統對台灣能源轉型的助益

The electricity demand is getting higher and higher due to the economy growth and technology development. In the meanwhile, renewable energy technologies also have great improvement to be commercialized to improve the energy sustainability. Taiwan new energy policy is willing to stop the nuclear power and increase the portion of renewable energy gradually to achieve 20% in 2025. However, most of renewable energy generation is fluctuated and intermitted to impact to the stability of grid. That means the grid need to have more capacity reserved in generation side to react the change of demand side. When the portion of renewable energy is getting higher, the reserved capacity also need to be increased to cover the short time fluctuation. The energy efficiency is low if using traditional power generation equipment as the reserved capacity. The technology of Energy Storage System(ESS) with lithium-ion battery had been improved a lot in energy density and lifetime. The response time can be short as milliseconds to react grid change immediately. More and more commercialized cases of energy storage system had chosen Lithium-ion battery as the main technology. Properly application of energy storage system will be able to support the Taiwan energy structure transition smoothly.


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