Mr. Danny Lu



Mr. Danny Lu

Vice President 

Powin Energy  


Danny is a graduate of University of Oregon, with a degree in International Business and Chinese.


Powin is a leading supplier of lithium-ion based utility scale battery energy storage systems. Danny has held many roles at Powin Energy corporation including Director of Marketing and VP of Sales and Marketing. Danny has played a critical role in establishing Powin as a key player in the North American energy storage industry. Danny is currently in charge of cultivating and managing many of Powin’s key battery cell vendor and PCS vendor relationships.


 Topic:Using Energy Storage to Replace Coal or Nuclear Generation

I would like to present about the ability to replace traditional fossil fuel and nuclear power generation with Storage at a large scale. Utility companies in the USA have already began to select energy storage projects to replace decommissioned coal, gas and nuclear generation facilities. There have been 5 GWh or more of energy storage procurement announcements by the 3 large California utilities for this exact purpose. Since the USA has a deregulated energy market, energy storage can be considered a wholesale energy market trading asset where the capacity inside the energy storage system can be bought and sold at advantageous times. Where there are markets with large solar and wind penetration, storage can be of huge benefit to purchase (Charge) solar or wind energy when it is abundant and sell it when the grid needs it the most. I wanted to share some data from our operating project in Irvine, California to show how an energy storage system can operate and generate revenue in the USA. Powin was recently selected by Pacific Gas and Electric (San Francisco Bay Area) for a large 75MW/300MWh project to replace lost generation capacity from a large coal plant near San Jose. Powin had also completed a 2MW/9MWh project in Jan 2017, that project was part of an emergency procurement to replace a decommissioned gas power plant that was leaking gas into Southern California. To end the presentation I will give a brief 2-3 minute overview of our company and our products.


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