Ms. Doris Hsu / 徐秀蘭


Ms. Doris Hsu / 徐秀蘭

Member, SEMI PV Committee / SEMI Taiwan 太陽光電委員會 委員

President, Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. / 中美矽晶製品股份有限公司 總經理 


  • Master of Science, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign(UIUC), USA

  • Sino-American Silicon  (SAS) Group President

  • GlobalWafers (GWC) Group

           Chairperson of MEMC Japan Ltd.

           Chairperson of Taisil Electronic Materials Corp.

           Chairperson of Topsil GlobalWafers A/S, Denmark.

           Chairperson and CEO of GlobalWafers Co.,Ltd

           Chairperson of GlobalWafers, Japan

           Chairperson and CEO of GlobiTech, USA

           Vice Chairperson of Sino Silicon Technology, China


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