Dr. Teng-Yu Wang / 王珽玉


Dr. Teng-Yu Wang / 王珽玉

Senior Researcher  / 資深研究員

ITRI 工研技術研究院 / 太陽能資源化產業聯盟



  • Secretary, Taiwan Solar Module Alliance for Resource Tactical Cycle. / 台灣太陽能模組資源化產業聯盟秘書

  • Invited Speaker, Solar Taiwan 2015.

  • Congress Chief Secretary, 4th International Workshop on Science and Technology of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells, 2010.



  • 2017-Now  Dept. of Purification & Advanced Resource Circulating Process Design, Material & Chemical Research Lab. (材化所), ITRI 

  • 2008-2017  Dept. of Silicon Solar Cell, Green Energy and Environment Research Lab. (綠能所), ITRI

  • 2007-2008  Photovoltaic Center (太電中心), ITRI



Topic:Recycling Technology for PV Module / 太陽能模組回收技術

Solar energy is a green energy, it can also produce a significant amount of waste. Some kinds of rear element or precious metals are used as the component of solar cells, therefore the recycling of PV module have economic value. Another consideration is environmental protection. The recycling process for PV modules includes chemical and physical treatment process, which have been successfully used in other recycling industries, such as electronics or hardware recycling. The use of these recycle techniques can decompose and recycle PV module materials.



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