Applications of Smart Micro Grid | 智慧微型電網應用案例介紹

Dr. Yi-Ping Chen / 陳貽評


Tatung Co. 




■ Supervisor, Micro Grid and Energy Storage system Division, Tatung Co.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Tatung University

Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Tatung University

Honorary Member of Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society

Permanent Member of Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering

Permanent Member of Chinese Association for Energy Economics

Permanent Member of Taiwan Cogeneration Association

Member of Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association

Member of Taiwan Power and Energy Association





Micro grid, the electricity distribution system containing loads, distributed generation (DG) and energy storage system (ESS), can be operated in a controlled way either while connected to the utility’s grid or while islanded. This system can monitor generation, load and energy storage all the time in order to keep the balance between the generation and load, and maintain the voltage and frequency in the normal range. Load forecasting and generation forecasting are applied to adjust the energy storage management and optimize efficiency of the grid. Different applications for integration of PV & wind, agricultural water solution, water pumping solution, disaster preventive solution, and islanding operation are introduced in this presentation. The specific area, like Myanmar, Dubai, Taiping Island, and Dongsha Island are discussed.

Based on the plentiful experience in designing and manufacture of heavy electrical equipment, Tatung provides the total solutions of micro grid from planning, designing, construction, maintenance and operation services, and integrates with the renewable energy, energy storage, distribution network, energy management systems, and advanced information and communication technologies.


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